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Bus Conversions services


We offer a host of Services and Products made in Frenchtown Montana USA

  • Very affordable Roof raising service, most roofs can be raise and re-skinned in 16 hours (clock hours)

  • Off Grid solar, wind, hydro systems made specifically for a bus conversion

  • Hydronic heating systems using a pellet stove and solar heat collectors as a heat source

  • Water purification systems enables you to live off grid with a water source close by via lake, river or pond

  • Affordable urine diverting composting toilets that won't break the bank and are Female user friendly

  • Big Dog RV Services can build as much or as little of your coach as you need  

  • Tankless water heaters use propane and hydronic heat 

  • Off grid Washers and Dryers, Our Dryers use Hydronic heat or propane  washers will wash a single load of clothes on less than 50 watts of power. dryers use around 50 watts of power per drying cycle

Bus Conversion up grades
we can install any of our upgraded systems in your already built bus conversion, these systems give you a much better lifestyle with less maintenance and more up time all American made here in Frenchtown Montana. for more information contact Kim Largent at


  • We offer an off grid lifestyle that makes sense, not only for the environment but for you as well. Living responsibly doesn't have to mean doing without comforts. By having each unit as a off grid stand alone unit we save thousands of dollars in infrastructure cost. This is good for all, people and the environment.

  • Off Grid Solar, each unit has its own mini power grid. 

  • Water system in place for each unit with your own pump and water tank with a purification system in place. This will teach you just how much water you use and how to better conserve.

  • Waste management is done by having  composting toilets so there is no need for black water treatment. It can be composted and put in flower gardens to keep the park beautiful.

  • Gray water is recycled to water edible plants and trees to provide a food source.

  • Heat for the long Montana winters is handled by using pellet stoves. These allow us to use recycled materials that would otherwise end up in land fills. We build our own stoves to work with the solar system and to be as efficient as possible. This heats our hot water as well as our units. Hydronic heat is an even heat and uses very little power making it very energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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