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Bus Conversions done Professionally

Our Build Policy

The purpose of this section is to outline the build process.

We collect a NON REFUNDABLE deposit which will equal  half (1/2) the build cost or 25% which ever your build requires. The purpose of this deposit in to procure the chassis and parts needed to get your build started. Once we have a design you will sign off on this design and ok the layout.  Once you have approved the layout and design, we will buy the parts and materials we need to build. Once the build is finished, the balance is due , we will not finance a build so you have to have all the financing done before the build starts. The design team will work with you through out the build and if any changes are made the additional cost will have to be covered when the build is finished and added to the final payment.

This is the only contract we have,  and by paying the deposit you agree to these terms. This agreement also applies to any deposit that is required for the purpose of maintenance cost on an RV.  No other agreement will be honored only this online agreement. We can not guarantee

build times due to shipping delays and part availability no build date will be given we will build in the order we receive the deposits. Not responsible for shipping delays or part increases

*All deposits are non-refundable 

Tiny Houses on Bus Chassis

Tiny houses are growing in popularity and we are able to provide the services people need to get one of their own that is expertly crafted to meet their needs with custom amenities and close attention to details. We are a leading service provider for all of your RV, conversion, and tiny house needs in the Missoula area. If you have considered building a tiny house of your own, you should check out the website or consult with one of our expert representatives to find out more about them  call Affordable Off Grid Housing 



For tiny homes, click here to visit our Affordable Off-Grid Housing web site.

This is the only contract we use nothing written or verbal will override this contract to build. When you meet with us and we finalize the design no changes can be made.  By paying the deposit you agree to our terms and design.


We provide a drawing of the layout to you and the design team will work with you on color choices, fabrics, materials  and other design layouts. 

We require a non refundable deposit of at least 50% of the build cost. The balance is due when the product is finished and before the product is delivered.

 Any cost over runs or changes made will require an additional deposit to cover the increased cost. We can not guarantee a finished build time because of things that are out of our control from the supply chain and vendors we use. only an estimated finish date, which is subject to change without notice. 

*All deposits are non-refundable 

*All deposits are non-refundable 

Bus Conversions

We have built over 400 bus conversions and counting, With attention to detail and exact manufacturing techniques, we build your conversion for years of enjoyment.

We have buses in inventory that are ready to convert.  All have been stripped of all interior, roof rises of 2 feet and all mechanicals checked and repaired.

These buses are ready to design a layout and start building.  No doors or windows added until design layout is finished. 

Call for an inventory list of buses ready to build to your lifestyle.

*All deposits are non-refundable 


Here are ways you can follow us and stay informed.


Our Lead Engineer writes articles for Bus Conversion Magazine. This Magazine is a great source for parts and how to's. The featured articles will help you on your own build with lots of pictures to illustrate how it's done. The benefit of this media is that it will help you learn the experience of others. It will also help you not make some mistakes that others have done.

You can find them online at 

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