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It all began with a group of people who dreamt of starting something completely new in the tiny house market. We had a great vision, a passion for change and all the right skills for a fresh approach to what has become “doing without”  for the sake of going tiny instead of being free. Together we establish Big Dog RV Services a company dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions and providing great services. 

We build each tiny house unique to our customers. One at a time, built to bring you years of happiness and reliability not found in any other tiny house on the market today. Our approach is simple really, build a tiny space that is sensible and functional without having to convert everything just to use it. Through sensible design and intelligent use of space we are able to build a tiny space that functions like larger houses. With innovative products built in house like pellets stoves that provide hydronic heat for each room and domestic hot water. Solar systems that are efficient in power production as well as how its used and stored. Roof mounted water heating panels for the days the sun is shining. Water systems that can purify water to bottled water standards from any potable water source. Dryers that use hydronic heat to dry clothes and washers that use less than 300 watts to wash. We aren’t talking about tiny all in one washers and dryers that can barely hold a days worth of laundry, but large capacity units that use energy efficiently stackable to save space. Our refrigerators are american made to burn propane, these are not the ones you find in RV’s but ones built to be used in off grid homes, full size 19 cubic feet models we even offer an all fridge and all freezer models. Tankless water heaters are used in all our units. Chassis or frames are as important as the foundation is to a conventional house. We use bus chassis to provide this platform. These chassis provide a more stable and safer foundation for your home. They offer many advantages, first you don’t have to buy an expensive truck to pull your house and then your forced to drive this fuel hungry truck around every where when you arrive. You can pull a more efficient vehicle behind your house to drive when you arrive. Second safety, these chassis are designed to hold up under the most difficult terrain, better brakes, suspension, better fuel economy and lets face it they are just fun to drive.

So for more information contact us on our website at

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