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The price of poor winterization and amateur help!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It's a simple thing really, you just pump the rv antifreeze in and waaa laa your done! easy pezzy. Well that is until spring when you try to restart your RV and realize something has gone terribly wrong, I mean water isn't suppose to be running all over the floor. At this point you realize you made major mistakes, and all the money you saved by doing it yourself, has gone out the window plus a whole lot more. The cost of repairs are adding up fast, water heater replacement $900, city water fill $65, ice marker valve $250, toilet valve $245. P-traps $390, HPEV $410, So right about now your asking yourself "Why didn't I just pay the $120 to the professionals" some times simple thing get us into trouble. I have a customer who thought she would save money on servicing her RV's water heater. the took it apart and put it back together all clean and ready to go, when on her trip it was time for a shower so, water heater on and take a quick shower. part way thru her shower park neighbors began to bang on her door screaming FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!! thanks to the quick actions of her neighbors they shut off the propane and put the fire out on the side of her coach. she forgot to put the orifice back in the burn tube, so her water heater turned into a flame thrower. lucky she had neighbors looking out for her. all said and done it cost $18,000 dollars to repair her coach.

sometimes its best to leave repairs to the professional.

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