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Big Dog RV services has built coaches on bus chassis for 38 years. We build custom coaches one at a time to the specifications of our customers. We can use many types of chassis from school buses to over the road buses like what Grey Hound bus company uses. We pride ourselves on building exactly what our customers demand. Special needs? Our specialty, from multi level buses with two or three levels to hot tubs and special needs equipment.  Raised roofs to roofs that hydraulically raise with the push of a button. We build our own slide out systems to provide  the extra room our full time RV’ers needs. 


We install Japanese style sitting/soaking tubs. These tubs save space while providing an energy efficient alternative to traditional tubs. We build these tubs in house so we can custom fit them to the customer and coach space shower options are also available. We use pellet stoves built in house to provide hydronic heat to each room of the unit as well as domestic hot water. The advantage here is that we get the most use of the heat from the stove with little to no wasted energy.  We use this same hydronic heat to dry the clothes in the Big Dog RV built dryers. These dryers are more efficient than any other dryer on the market period. When there is plenty of sun we use roof mounted solar water heating panels to provide the heat to the hydronic system reducing the need to run the pellet stove. Having two heat sources means you’ll never be without heat or domestic hot water. We use tankless water heaters to supplement the hot water when other sources aren’t available. We use variable speed water pumps that are American made like all our products to insure reliable water flow even at low volume. We have an off grid water system that will purify water to better than bottle water quality. We have designed this system to be reliable, easy to maintain and cost effective. By using washable filters we can reduce the cost of water filtering while providing a high standard of water quality. We provide solar panels with a minimum of 1000 watts on each coach.  Most coaches are in the 2000 watt range this provides all the off grid power you need. We have battery choices to suit every budget. 

Water storage at a minimum of 100 gallons on each coach. Bio toilets mean no black tank to deal with and water evaporation for grey water means you can stay off grid as long as you have a water and food source.  Most of our systems are built in house to insure quality and reliability and to make sure that our coaches are Made in the USA.

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